Software Center - Installing software on UiT computers

If you want to install software on your office- or PC-lab computer, Software Center is the application that lets you do that.


  • The computer must be owned and administered by our IT-department
  • The computer must be connected to internet via the network cable on your office (Software center does not work on WiFi or from private networks)

Start Software Center

You can open Software Center for your desktop (if there is shortcut there) or form All Programs under the start menu

or Software center search

Installing software

Click on the program you want to install and choose "Install"

What do I do if the software I am looking for is not there?

Open the "Installation status" option and see if the program is listed there. If Software Center is able to locate the software on the computer it will show up here. If you experience problems with software installed the computer you are using, you might need to uninstall it before you can reinstall the program.

Send an e-mail to If you can't find the software in either panes. Remember to include the host name of the computer where you want the software installed.

How do I delete/uninstall software

Open the "Installation status" option (See picture above), choose the software you wish to delete and then "Uninstall".

What do I do if the installastion fail?

Send an e-mail to Orakelet and tell us which software you tried to install, a description of what happened and the error message (if any).

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