Update group policy

Your office computer might sometimes get out of sync with the central server rules. This might cause items like network drives and printers to disappear.

If you previously had a printer or a network drive on your office computer which for some unknown reason are gone, follow the instructions below to see if syncronizing the group policies might bring them back.


IMPORTANT! Remember to save all unsaved work before you follow these instructions

  1. Klick the start button
  2. Type cmd and press enter on your keyboard (A black window will open on your screen)
  3. Type gpupdate /force in the black window and press enter on your keyboard (There is a space between gpupdate and /force)
  4. Type y and press enter on your keyboard when you are promted to logoff.

Log on to the computer again to see if the missing items are back. Contact Orakelet if this did not help the problem.

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