Outlook Web App - Shared mailboxes

OWA allows you to add shared mailboxes, such as faculty inboxes, provided you have the necessary rights.


You need permission to see the contents of a shared mailbox. To get permission, your supervisor needs to send a mail to orakel@uit.no on your behalf, requesting access to the mailbox in question.

Adding the mailbox

  1. Log in at https://outlook.office.com
  2. Click your name
  3. Click "Open another mailbox..."/"Åpne en annen postboks..."
  4. Enter the name or the e-mail address of the mailbox you wish to open. You do not need to know the full name.
  5. Once you've typed a search term, select "Search contacts and directory"/"Søk i kontakter og katalog". 
  6. You will now be given a list of any mailboxes satisfying your search criteria. Select the mailbox you wish to open, and select "open"/"åpne"


If you get a message saying ":-( Something went wrong", you most likely do not have the necessary rights to open the mailbox in question. Select "More Details..." to display the full message.

Picture: This means you do not have access to this mailbox.

If you need access to this mailbox, please read "Requirements" at the top of this document.

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