Outlook Web App - Room Booking

This guide will run you through the process of booking a room through Outlook Web App. Room booking is only available for employees at UiT. Study rooms (Kollokvierom) can also be booked by students.

  1. Log in at outlook.office.com
  2. Select "Calendar"/"Kalender" as shown below
  3. Right-click the desired date
  4. Click "New"/"Ny"
  5. Give the event a subject or name
  6. Enter a starting time for the event, its duration, and the details of reminders etc. Note that this can be adjusted using the scheduling assistant, which will be covered later in this guide.
  7. Enter the meeting's text contents
  8. Add any attachments or images
  9. Add attendees. You can enter the attendees' mail addresses manually, or press the plus sign to the right of the attendee line to open the address book.
    • Note that you may not see the directory when you open the address book. Press the >> sign as shown to open the directory.
    • Search for the attendees. If you have "Directory" selected, you will search through all of UiT's employees and students.
    • Double click people to add them as attendees.
    • Press OK when you have added all the attendees. This will return you to the event planner.
  10. Press the "Add room"/"Legg til Rom" button.
    • Select the building, and then the room you wish to book.
  11. At this point, you may wish to visit the Scheduling assistant/Planleggingsassistenten to ensure that everyone is available at the chosen time and date. If any of the attendees are unavailable, you can change the details of the event here.
  12. If attendees are busy, or the room is taken, you can change the meeting's timeframe by rescheduling it in the calendar. You can also change the room and add or remove attendees here. Click OK when you have made any necessary adjustments.
  13. Press "send" to send the event notice. If the booking was successful, you'll receive confirmation via email after a moment.

E-mail receipts

Once you have booked a room, you will receive an e-mail receipt. Please note that you will not receive a receipt if you are booking a room in someone elses' calendar. This receipt will look as follows:

  • If booking was successful
    From: Name of room
    Subject: Accepted: Event subject line
  • If booking was unsuccessful
    From: Name of room
    Subject: Declined: Event subject line
  • Reasons for failed booking
    If the booking attempt fails, the e-mail will describe the problem.
    • You do not have permission to book this resource
      This means you do not have permission to book the relevant room. Solution: Book a different room, or contact the administration responsible for the relevant building.
    • Your request was declined because there are conflicts
      In this case, someone else has already booked the room at the time you requested. Solution: Reschedule the meeting to a different time or room.
    • You did not receive a receipt
      Something went terribly wrong. Send an e-mail to orakel@uit.no explaining which room you tried to book (the full name of the room from the room picker in the OWA as shown in 10.) as well as the date and time.

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