Outlook Web App - Automatic email sorting

The Outlook Web App is capable of automatically sorting all received emails into folders, using inbox rules.

PLEASE NOTE! Don't use Chrome for this: Chrome will return an error when you attempt to use it to set up automatic sorting

    Please note that the images presented below will all be in Norwegian, but this guide will supply the English names for the highlighted choices for ease of use.

    1. Logg in at http://mail.uit.no
    2. Click the cogwheel in the top right corner [a] and select "Options" [b]
    3. Choose "organize email" [a]. Click the plus sign [b] and select "create a new rule for arriving messages". [c]
    4. Enter a name for the rule, such as "Timeit".
    5. In the drop-down menu "*When the message arrives, and:", choose "It was received from". This will open UiT's address book.
    6. Klick in the area to the right from "From", enter the email address you wish to apply this rule to [a] (ie: "timeit@uit.no"). Press "OK" [b].
    7. In the drop-down menu labelled "Do the following", select "Move the message to folder".
    8. Choose a destination folder, or create a new folder for these email. For example, you may create a folder called "TimeIT" [a] , select it [b] and click "OK". [c]
    9. Review your rule. If everything looks to be in order, press "save".
    10. At this point, you may receive a warning detailing how deactivated rules created through Outlook may be deleted. As this only concerns rules you have already deactivated and are not using, simply press "OK".

    The rule is now saved, and emails from this sender will automatically sort to the selected folder.

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