Access to Canvas, Fronter or Digital eksamen for external sensors

If you need access to Canvas, Fronter or Digital Eksamen as an external examiner or teacher, but you are not employed by UiT, then you must register as a professional in our student database (FS). FS delivers information about you to our systems and creates an IT user account based on this information.

  1. If you are unsure about if your user account has been created for you, please contact the Academic affairs (Studieavdelingen) at the faculty you are associated with. Ask them to check if you are registered as an examiner for the subject in FS. 
    • If you are registered in FS, you must contact Orakelet on phone: 77 64 45 44 to receive your account information. 
    • If you are not registered in FS, you must ask your student adviser to register you in FS. After you have been registered in FS, You will have to wait until the following work day before your IT-account is activated.
  2. If you already have an account, but forgotten your password. The webpage: will assist you with account issues. 

WiseFlow (Digital exam)

The web page for Wiseflow is:

P.S: If you have multiple Feide accounts that is active on Wiseflow, you may encounter login problems if you use the same browser. 
Solution: Use different browsers for your Feide accounts, or use Incognito window in Chrome, InPrivate view in internet Explorer or firefox private window.

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