Print as a paid service for students

From 20.09.16 print/copy is a paid service for students. Read about it here.



UiT offers print services to all employees and students at our institution. In this document you will find guides and information on how to utilize the print services offered.

Colour print

Colour print is by default disabled. You'll need to enable colour print for each print job. For more information on how to do this, please consult this guide: Printing: Colour Print


UiT's primary print service is SAFECOM PULLPRINT. Using Pullprint, you link your ID-card to our print services. This lets you collect your documents at your leisure, and at any printer of your choosing.

For more information, please consult: Printing - Safecom Pullprint


If you possess a laptop or a mobile phone, you may utilize our printers by logging in to the "Mobilprint" service. Mobilprint lets you upload your documents for printing. Simply log on to the printer using your ID-card to print your documents.

For more information, please consult: Printing - Wireless (Mobilprint)




For employees only

Mac users may install the printers at their own initiative. If you find that your Mac lacks access to a printer you wish to use, please consult the following user guides: 



The following link contains general information on the topic of print services at UiT: Utskrift - Generell informasjon. This includes an overview of how our services are connected, and explains why adding printers is as involved a process as described.

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