Printing - Payment solution

Paid print- and copying services for students

Students will be granted accounts with a balance of 100NoK in our print- and copying system. These accounts will automatically be set to 200NoK at the beginning of every semester, free of charge. Any remaining funds that were manually added by any given student will be transferred to the next semester. As an example, if you add 50NoK and do not spend any of it, you will have 250NoK at the onset of the next semester.


Black and white prints and copies are 0,20NoK per page, while colour print and copies are 0,80NoK per page. Please note that these prices are per page, not per sheet. You will be charged for every page with text or image content.

Please note! You must utilise when printing from private computers, as MacOS' (Macintosh) print drivers, among others, send all print jobs as colour print regardless of content. Colour print jobs printed by mistake will not be refunded.

The cost of each print job will be stated on the printer prior to printing.

How do I check my account balance?

Go to, log on using your UiT-username and password, and select TransactionsAcc1 is the sum of your own added funds. Acc2 is set to 200NoK every semester, and Disposable is the sum of funds available for use with our print system.

Hvordan sjekke saldo for utskriftskonto




How do I add funds to my account balance?

Please note that money added to your print account will not be refunded.


Go to, log on with your UiT-username and password, and select ePay.


Velg ePay



Enter the amount you wish to add to your account.

Velg ønsket beløp




Select your preferred payment method, VISA or Mastercard.

Velg Visa eller Mastercard



Enter your payment details and select "Bekreft betaling" ("Confirm payment"). "Kontrollsiffer" ("Control digits") refers to the last three digits of the seven digit string to the right of your signature at the back of your card.

Legg inn kortdetaljer



Click "Videre"("Next") to see your receipt.


Klikk Videre for kvittering



You will be shown a summary of the transaction and your new account balance. You will also receive a copy of the receipt to your student e-mail.

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