Word templates at UiT

UiT has developed a series of Word templates to make life easier for its students and employees. There are templates for student assignments, reports, letters, doctoral theses and more. This page shows you how to access templates from UiT computers and when you are working at home.

Access templates from a UIT computer

If you are using a UiT PC, you can access the templates from directly within Word. You will, of course, have to be logged on to the PC with your UiT username and password. 

Start a new document

Using these templates will save you tons of time. The templates include headings, page numbers and tutorials about how to work smarter and more effectively. If you are starting to write a new document, these are the templates you will use.

  1. Start Microsoft Word. 
  2. If Word is already open, click File and then New.
  3. Click on Shared.
    Screenshot from Word. Arrow points to Shared.
  4. Choose which language you want the template to be in: UiT maler bokmål, UiT maler nynorsk or UiT templates English.
    Screenshot from Word. Arrows point to the folders where the templates are divided into bokmål, nynorsk and English.
  5. Choose a template. Students will most likely use the template Student assignment.
    Screenshot from Word showing the English language templates.

Insert a cover page in an existing document

If you have already written your document, you can add a UiT cover page.

  1. Open your document in Word.
  2. Click on Insert in the tools menu.
    Screenshot from Word. Arrow point to the Insert button.
  3. Click on Cover page.
    Screenshot from Word. Arrow pointing to Cover page button.
  4. Choose an appropriate cover page. There is a group of cover pages for employees (Ansatte) and another for students (Studenter).
    Screenshot from Word. The cover page menu with UiT cover page templates.


Employees can access templates for letters, minutes, etc directly in ephorte.

Access templates online

If you are working at home and need a template, you can download it from UiTs website.

The page Grafisk profil is designed for employees. This is where employees can access Word, Powerpoint and InDesign templates.

The page Assignment templates is designed for students. This is where students find templates for assignments, Master's theses and doctoral theses.

Instructional videos

Watch these instructional videos about how you can work smarter in Word. As of 16 August 2016, the videos are only available in Norwegian.