Word - templates for assignments and cover-pages

The IT-department has, together with the Department for community contact and the faculties, made a series of Word templates. These templates are suitable for minor turn-ins and papers, master thesis' and PhD's.

Where are the templates?

Templates at UiT's webpages

Templates that can be found on your UiT workstation

At this webpage you will find the templates by filling in faculty and assignment info, and also training videos in how to be better at using Word The templates are already importes into the universitys workstations. The webpage above explains how to use them.

Template instructions

All templates contain within them brief explanations on how to best utilize the different sections and formattings. Just open the file to view the instructions.

Cover page templates

If you just need a cover page, you can either ldownload them from the webpage (applies to your private computer), or insert it as described in this user guide  (applies to UiT workstations).


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