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Skype for Business will be replacing telephone landlines here at UiT in the near future. So, how can I make calls with Skype the way I used to with my regular phone?

How will I notice that my phone has been replaced with Skype?

All concerned parties will be notified about the change in due time. When the change has been made for you, the following will occur:

  • Your landline, regular phone will shut down (disconnect it from the socket and stow it away).
  • Skype's home screen gains a new button, which provides access to numeric buttons and call-controllers.

How to place calls to colleagues and students - different phone options

Remember: if you are an experienced Skype user, you might already have some contacts in the contact list. See more about how you contact a colleague from your contactlist with a direct message, or how to make calls with audio and video directly from your contact list

Any employee or student registered with UiT can easily be found and dialled up in a few slightly different ways, whether you want to reach them on a landline, cell phone or a plain old Skype call. In addition, you can make calls to any other number by dialling it.

  1. Select the Telephone-menu to view the numerical buttons and the search field, as shown above.
  2. The search field lets you find registered contacts. Start with the last name (easiest way).
  3. The contact card displays profile picture, name, status and organizational roles. Hover the mouse over the profile picture to unhide the blue call-controller buttons.
  4. Notice the small triangle to the right of the blue Telephone button. Click the triangle to show a list of call options. Select desired phone/number to suit your needs.

About the different call options


  • Work/Arbeid: these are numbers for the old landlines. Until that system is completely removed and the numbers removed from contact cards, these numbers still refer to the old phones.
  • Mobile: use this to call the contacts' registered cell phone number(s).
  • New number/Nytt nummer is where you assign a new number to that contact. Understand that this functionality does not make any checks as to whether or not this actually is a registered number with this contact - it's something you add to it.
  • Skype call: a regular Skype call (without video) where the other party must reply while at his computer, iPad or cell phone (with internet connection enabled), and with the Skype for Business app running.

Call a number not assigned to a contact (external call)

Use the numeric keypad to "dial" any number directly, not using the search field/contact cards. Remember to add countryspecific codes when dialling abroad. Click Call/Anrop to place call.

The button located to the left of Call/Anrop, is Call Again/Ring på nytt. Use this dial the last number.


More about Call controllers connected to contact cards

From left to right:

The icon for Instant Messages starts up a window where you can write messages, share links and more.

The Telephone button starts a normal Skype call, without video enabled.

Click the Video button to place a video call. Requires a camera installed.

The Contact Card button displays additional information about registered contacts.

The last button (...) shows additional options and settings. Use this to add the person to your Contact List.

Add a participant to an ongoing call

While in a call, you can easily find and/or dial up others and add them into the conversation. Use Invite more people/Invitér flere personer:

  1. Click Invite more people/Invitér flere personer from your call window.
  2. Type in their name in the Search Field.
  3. Select the correct search result. If you have put in a telephonenumber directtly into the Search Field, just click OK after typing the number.
  4. Finish with OK. The contact will be included into the call via Skype for Business, even if she is currently using a landline, cell phone or a videocenference system.

Transfer your call to a colleague or to any other external phone number

While in a call, you can transfer it to another person like this:

  1. Click the Call Controller-icon.
  2. Click Transfer/Viderekoble from the pop-up menu. You'll see another window:

  1. Type the number (if not registered to a contact yet), or find someone from your organization.
  2. Select the desired contact from the list.
  3. Click the Transfer/Overfør button, and the call will be transferred. Your part in the call wil end.


Right-click any contact to gain access to sub-menus, including Call Controllers and additional options.

Build and maintain your own Contact Lists for easier access and simpler call placing.

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