AV-help for auditoriums, meeting-rooms and lecture-rooms

AV-hjelp (AV-help) is our support portal for lecturers, guest lecturers, courseholders, meeting arrangers and others who might need help with the audio/video equipment in one of UiT's lecture rooms, auditoriums or meeting rooms.


If the PC or other equipment seems to be broken, contact Orakelet for further assistance:


Telephone: 776 44544

Orakel webpage: use the search field to find user guides about topics not covered by the AVhjelp page.



Find more resources to accomodate your needs

ITA has got web resources  for those who want to learn more about the most commonly used softwares at UiT. The course page can be used to quickly look up topics, but generally they will require that you spend a little more time reading and viewing than the "first aid" pages here on AVhjelp.

RESULT offers in-depth course packages on this page. Demands a bit more effort. Only in Norwegian.

Are you in need of training on how your team can make the most of the available equipment and softwares? Contact SDU's councilers to set up talks, courses or workshops.

Looking to upgrade your lecturing rooms with equipment to better fit your needs? Please contact SDU's AV-team and book a meeting.