PowerPoint - presentation view

PowerPoint presentation view

Presentation view standard setting is "on" in PowerPoint, and lets you display a slideshow on the big screen, while keeping your notes to yourself on your computerscreen.


Presentation view can be turned on and off in PowerPoint, like in the picture below:



  • Navigate to the tab labeled Slideshow (Lysbildefremvisning)
  • Tick "Use presentation view" ("Bruk presentasjonsvisning") if it's not ticked already.

Presentation view should already be selected in lecture rooms that are set up to utilize the different screen modes in Windows. But, in some older rooms and computers, erroneus screen settings may still be in effect. This may cause PowerPoint to be unable to fully utilize the benefits of having two screens and multiple screen modes.

Take notice that in some very old rooms, Presentation view may not work at all. These rooms are subject to upgrades in the near future.

Windows: switch from Duplicate display to Extend display (allows you to use Presentation view)

  • On the keyboard, press and hold the Windows-key and P-key.
  • From the pop-up menu: click Extend ("Utvid" in Norwegian)
  • Make sure Presentation view is selected in PowerPoint, and start full screen slideshow again. Your notes should be displayed separately on the PC screen.


Switching between presentation view and slideshow:


  • While in the Presentation view control screen, click the Display settings ("Visningsinnstillinger"), to see your options. Take note: sometimes, the Presentation view is displayed on to the big screen/smartboard, and that's where you'll have to look to make changes.
  • The top-most pop-up menu item switches between screens.
  • The bottom menu item lets you duplicate the current slideshow on to both of your screens (your attendees see the same content as you do).



  • Click the F5-key to start the slideshow from the beginning.
  • Click the Esc-key to exit the fullscreen slideshow presentation.
  • Click Shift + F5 to pick up from where you left off earlier.

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