Install Windows 10 on your UiT computer

As an employee at UiT you can upgrade your office computer or laptop to Windows 10 when it suits you. Your files, programs and settings will not be affected. The IT department will upgrade shared computers like those in meeting rooms and lecture halls.

Installing Windows 10 can take up to 3 hours. Therefore it can be a good idea to start the upgrade at the end of the work day.

Certain computers owned by UiT should be replaced; for example if the computer is more than 4-5 years old. The IT department knows which computers should be replaced and will follow up directly. If you don't see the option to upgrade your computer as described below, it means that your computer should be replaced.

Before you start the upgrade: If you have files stored locally on your PC (C:), you should back up these files before starting the upgrade. The files can be stored on the H drive, which is your home drive. The H drive will not be affected by the upgrade.

Upgrade to Windows 10

The following applys to Windows computers that you log on to with your UiT username and password.

To start installing Windows 10:

  1. Start Software Center from your desktop or the start menu.
  2. Go the the "Available Software" tab.
  3. Mark the checkbox beside "UiT-Win10-InPlaceUpgrade". (If you don't see this option it means that your computer is registered for replacement.)
  4. Click the "Install Selected" button.
  5. The installation begins. Do not turn off the computer until the installation is done. Installing Windows 10 can take up to 3 hours.
Skjermbilde som viser Software Center og steg 2-4

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