Office 365

Office 365 is a collection of online services that make it easier to create documents together. In addition it includes free downloads of Microsoft Office to your private computers and mobile devices.

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There are lots of applications in Office 365. A full list of the apps you have access to can be found in Office 365. 

Supported applications

OneDrive is your 3 TB large storage area. Documents you save here can be shared with other students and employees. As long as you have an Internet connection you can access your files wherever you are and on any device.

Sharepoint is collaboration areas for when you need to do more than just share documents. You can share reading materials, work documents, links, task lists, and more..

Download the newest version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc to your computer, tablet, and smart phone. IT-kurs has tutorials about how to use the programs included in Microsoft Office. Known problem: On private computers you might be asked for extra authentication when you start a Microsoft Office program for the first time. If this happens follow these authentication instructions.

Word Online lets you edit text documents directly in your web browser. Files are stored in your OneDrive.

Prepare presentations directly in your web browser with PowerPoint OnlineFiles are stored in your OneDrive.

Make spreadsheets directly in your web browser with Excel OnlineFiles are stored in your OneDrive.

From your OneDrive you can create digital notebooks and edit them directly in your web browser via OneNote Online.

Adjust your Office 365 account with Settings.

Limited support

The applications below can be used but Orakelet and the IT department will not be able to answer all your questions. 

Collaborate effectively on projects by using Planner, which gives a simple and visual approach to organizing group work.

Microsoft Teams is a chat based work space in Office 365. It is a one stop shop for people, conversations, files and tools so that you can access what you need when you need it.

Use Delve to administer your Office 365 profile and to discover and organize information that is likely to be most interesting for you right now.

Newsfeed is an official blog or micro blogg for UiT. You can use Newsfeed to start a conversation and stay up to date about local happenings.

Sway is an intelligent app that helps you create interactive, online content in a simple way. It's like a modern version of PowerPoint.

With PowerApps/ Power BI you can connect, create, and share business applications with colleagues in minutes from any device.

Not available for general use

Only under special circumstances will you be able to use the following services. Contact

Class Notebook is an app that helps you set up OneNote for your class.

Staff Notebook is an app for SharePoint Online that helps you set up OneNote for your colleagues.

Use digital intelligence to reimagine what’s possible for your business. Dynamics 365 unifies CRM and ERP capabilities into applications that work seamlessly together across sales, customer service, field service, operations, financials, marketing, and project service automation. Start with what you need, add applications as your business grows. The answer is Dynamics 365.

Create automated work flows between your favorite apps and services. Get notifications, sync files, and collect data by using Flow.

Watch, upload, and share videos within UiT with Office 365 Video. All of UiT will be able to see the videoes.

Yammer is a private, social network that helps you and UiT keep an overview over work to be done. With Yammer you can connect with the right person at the right time, share information across groups, and organize projects so that you can reach further, faster.

With Forms you can create surveys, registration forms, and more.

Personal list of things to do.

Organizing who takes shifts when.

The services will be evaluated according to benefit and risk before potentially being made generally available for UiT.

When you are no longer a student at UiT

Office 365 and Microsoft Office are for students at UiT. When you finish your time at UiT you will lose access to the online services and the software you have downloaded to your private computer.

Therefore it is important that you download any files you want to save before you leave UiT.

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