Start using two-factor authentication via Outlook Web App (SMS)

Please note: This user gude uses the SMS authentication method as exapmlple. The SMS is free in Norway but if you are in a different country your telephone operator will demand extra payment for sending you the SMS. You can avoid this extra surcharge by using the Microsoft Authenticator app instead as described in the guide "how too get started with Microsoft Authenticator"

  1. Log in to 
    1. IMPORTANT: Make sure to write your username in the following manner: (e.g. 
  2. After you have input your username and password, you will be asked to set up the extra security on your account.
  3. Click the blue button Set it up now.
  4. Authentication phone is chosen as standard method for authentication. Choose country code, write in your telephone number, and choose Send me an SMS. Click Next. You will be sent an SMS with a login code.

    NB1: At this point you can choose a different method for getting your authentication code. You can choose «Use verification code through app,» which uses Microsoft Authenticator instead of "Authentication phone", (see the tutoral about how too get started with Microsoft Authenticator), or type in your office phone number and choose «Call my office phone» if you do not want to use your own phone. These settings can be changed later as described in the user guide: Office 365 - Two-factor authentication

    If you wish to be called by microsoft on your office phone, Do not choose "Office phone" from the pulldown menu. Leave it as "Authentication and type inn your office phone number manually

  5. Write in the code and choose Check
    The SMS should arrive in a few seconds. If it however takes more than 1 munite: Click "Cancel" and Next in the previous window to request a new code.

  6. After a little while you will be notified that the authentication is complete. Click Complete.

When you log in to email or other Office 365 services from now on you will be send an SMS with an authentication code. 

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