Get started with two-factor authentication via Outlook Web App (Microsoft Authenticator)

Microsoft Authenticator is an app you can install on your smartphone that lets you log in with two-factor authentication. It lets you use a code or directly approve the login

  1. Find and download the "Microsoft Authenticator" app in Appstore (iPhone) or Google Play (Android). Do not start the app yet.
  2. Logg on to
    • Important: Remember that your user name is followed by (ie.
  3. You will be asked for additional security after logon.
  4. Click on the blue button "Set it up now"
  5. Choose "Mobile app",  check the "Use verification code from app" and choose Configure
  6. A QR code will now appear on your screen. You are going to scan this code with the Microsoft authenticator
  7. Start Microsoft Authenticator on your phone and choose "Add account". Choose "Work- or School account" (The camera is activated, and you can now scan the QR-code on the web page).
  8. When you have scanned the code, press Next. (In step 6.)
  9. Type inn the code from the app and you are done

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