Working from home

You can use most of the IT services the University of Tromsø delivers at home. Read more about this here

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#1: VPN AnyConnect

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a prerequisite to gain access to many of the university's restricted services. There are several ways to install Anyconnect. We recommend Manual installation for privately set up machines and Installation through Software center for UiT computers.


Download and run this file for the windows installation.

Download and run this file for the mac installation.

Go here, log in and choose Anyconnect to download the linux installation file. 

Installation through Software center.

Windows computers set up by our IT department can install Anyconnect through Software center. This will only work when connected to the campus network through eduroam or a network cable.

Other manuals

NOTE: Some of the university's protected services can be used directly from without installing AnyConnect. For more information, please see "VPN portal UiT".


#2: File services - Mapping your personal UIT drive from home (Win)

Mapping your personal UIT drive from home requires an active VPN connection and Internet connectivity.

  1. Click the File Explorer (if the button File Explorer is missing in your taskbar, click the Start Button and choose File Explorer)
  2. Click on "This PC" 
  3. select "Map network drive..."
  4. Select the desired drive letter, for instance Z:\
  5. Set the Folder to: \\\abc123 (replace abc123 with your username)
  6. Click "Finish"

If you're not using a computer provided by the University of Tromsø, please tick the box "Connect using different credentials". If you need to connect using different credentials, you must give your username on the form ad\abc123 (replace abc123 with your username)

Please note the backslash (\), and do not replace it with a regular slash (/)

Map network drive

#3: File services - Mapping your personal UIT drive from home (Mac)


Mapping your UIT drive from home requires an active VPN connection to the University of Tromsø as well as Internet connectivity.

  1. Start "Finder"
  2. Go to "Connect to Server"
  3. Connect to the server: smb:// (replace abc123 with your actual username) (cifs does no longer work, only smb)
    • To connect the Z drive, use the server smb:// first letter in your user name/your brukernavn (ie: smb://
  4. In the credentials, input your username and password

#4: Remote desktop

Remote Desktop is a part of the Citrix bundle. To access the Remote Desktop, you must:

If the computer is a university campus computer

  1. Open Dazzle
  2. Add "UiT skrivebord" and start the application.

If the computer is not connected to the university network (ie. at home)

  1. Log on to på
  2. Start: UiT Skrivebord

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