IT services for new students

On this page you will find information about the services you should know about as a new student here at UiT The Artic University of Norway.

Sub pages:

#1: IT and library services for new students

#2: IT user accounts for students

Your IT user account is your key to a diverse range of services that you, as a student at UiT, will use on a daily basis.

Read how you as a student activate your user account and general information about IT user accounts at UiT.

#3: IT user account

kvinnlig hånd bruker tatstaturOrakelet has the answers. Regardless of which kind of computer problem you are experiencing Orakelet will be able to help you. Orakelet's webpage includes manuals and tutorials that will help you solve common problems. 

You can call Orakelet (776 44544) or send them an email ( Make sure to provide the name of the computer that needs help.

Orakelet also has service desks in Tromsø, Narvik, Hammerfest, Alta, and Harstad.

You can subscribe to news updates from Orakelet. We'll let you know when we're planning on upgrading a service, etc.

#4: ID card

#5: E-mail

konvolutt med lapp merkert med krøllalfaAs an employee/student at UiT The Arctic University of Norway you will receive an e-mail account. This e-mail account is the primary form of communication that the university uses to contact you. It is expected that employees/students read the e-mail sent to their university e-mail account.

Read how to access your email on your computer, tablet, and phone.

#6: Wireless Internett access

Looking for WiFi? Connect to Eduroam using your UiT user account. 

Eduroam is available from the student dorms, all UiT campuses, and many other airports and universities in Europe.

#7: Working off campus

man sits by laptop with cup of coffeeIt is possible to access files and software on your personal network drive or your office PC even though you are not on campus. Depending on your needs you will use VPN web portal, AnyConnect or Citrix when you work off campus.

#8: Canvas

Canvas is the digital classroom at UiT. Teachers can publish relevant articles and links to books at the University Library here. Canvas is also a place where students can discuss what they are learning with fellow students and turn in assignments.

#9: UiT student app

The student app for all students attending UiT The Arctic University of Norway boasts functionality like class schedules, information about you and your classes, lecture recordings (only available for study-programs that publish lecture-recordings), the latest news from Fronter, and student e-mail.

#10: Printing services

Multifuntional printer
UiT The Arctic University of Norway offers printing services to all of its employees and students. To get started you need to activate your ID card. You will then be able to print from UiT computers, as well as private computers, tablets and mobile phones. Documents can be collected at your convenience from any printer on campus.

All relevant information about printing at UiT can be found here.

#11: Software for students

Microsoft Office
Computers in the PC labs and at the university library already have softare installed. You can install additional software via Software Center (Windows) or Managed Software Center (Mac). If you would like a program that is not available in Software Center or Managed Software Center send a request to Orakelet along with the name of the computer you would like to install the software on and the desired program.

Students can also install software on their privatly owned computers. You can get Microsoft Office from Office 365 and other programs from Lireg.

#12: Get to know the software you use every day

Students and employees at UiT use programs like Word and Canvas pretty much every single day. Become better at using these and other useful programs by checking out our IT-kurs page.

#13: Assignment templates

Student studerer

UiTs assignment templates for students are formatted and ready for use so that you can focus on writing. Use them when you write homework assignements, exams at home, your Master's thesis, your doctoral thesis, and more.

#14: Digital resources from the University Library (UB)

Tre bilder i ett. Trappa ved KS biblioteket. Labyrinthen. Bokhyller.UB's digital resources include databases, reference materials, and other publications. The digital resources are available from the search bar on UB's homepage.

#15: More useful information for students

The following links are useful for new students.

  • The checklist for new students tells you what you need to do at the start of your first semester at UiT.
  • My page for students has lots of useful links. This is where you find out when the next bus leaves and what is being served at the cafeteria.
  • Tavla is where events and available jobs get announced.
  • Mazemap is an indoor map service that will help you find your way to your next lecture.

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