IT-services for employees

We have compiled a list of some of the services you should be familiar with as an employee at UiT The Arctic University of Norway. New employees should especially make themselves familiar with this content.

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#1: IT and library services for new employees

#2: IT user account for employees

Your IT user account is your key to a diverse range of services that you, as an employee at UiT, will use on a daily basis.

Employee user accounts are created as part of the employment process. Your user account may not be ready on your first day but will be ready shortly.

Read more about your IT user account: "IT-user account - Employees" and "IT-user accounts at UiT".

#3: File storage for employees

As an employee at UiT you have several options for file storage. We recommend that you use one of our services because they are backed up and you can access your files from home.

Along with your IT user account you get a personal network drive to store your files. Depending on where you work at UiT you will also be granted access to one or more shared network drives. Only you have access to your personal network drive but multiple people work together on shared network drives.

Office 365 is a service where your files are stored in the cloud. You access your files through a web browser and you can do this wherever you have an Internet connection. Inside Office 365 you will find OneDrive (personal file storage) and Teams (collaborations, projects, department files, and the like).

#4: Software for studenter

Software that is used the most is already installed on your office computer. You can install additional software via Software Center (Windows) or Managed Software Center (Mac). If you would like a program that is not available in Software Center or Managed Software Center send a request to Orakelet along with the name of the computer you would like to install the software on and the desired program.

UiT also supplies software for your private PC or Mac. Download and install software using LiReg.

#5: Administrative software

Administrative software at UiT: Agresso, ePhorte, FS, Paga, and Syllabus etc. 

Leaders with personnel-related responsibilities are authorized to request that employees at their own faculty be given access to administrative software at UiT. These procedures vary by software. For more information, click the active links in the list of administrative software:

#6: Collaborating with Skype for Business

With Skype for Business you can call with sound and video, hold meetings, stream lectures, advise, do user support and more.

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