Getting started with Canvas - For students

This document provides information and tutorials about the things you need to get started with Canvas as a student.

Sub pages:

#1: Studentweb - Semester registration, semester fee, and "undervisningsmelding"


#2: Introduction to Canvas

#3: Find your courses

When you log on to Canvas you will see the Dashboard. The Dashboard shows all the courses you are registered for in Canvas (as a teacher, student, observer, etc). You can favorite your courses, in which case the Dashboard will only show these courses.


#4: Language settings

In Canvas you can change the display language so that navigation menus and more will be shown in the language of your choice.

#5: Notifications

Each student and employee who uses Canvas should set up their notifications so that they are received as often as desired and are sent to the correct point of contact. Do you want daily summaries sent by SMS? you decide.

#6: Email and Canvas

It is possible to use the messaging service in Canvas, but this is not connected to UiT's email. Students must use Employees can also use Outlook from their office computer to access their UiT email.

#7: Canvas' tutorials

Canvas has made tutorials that you can use when you have a question about how to complete a task in Canvas, e.g. find a course or turn in an assignment.

#8: Assignments and quizzes

Depening on which courses you take, you might have to turn in assignments and/or turn in quizzes.

#9: Feedback on assignments

After you turn in an assignment your instructor might give you feedback. Check what feedback you have received on your assignments.

#10: App for students

Canvas offers a student app that is available for Android phones, Android tables, iPhones, and iPads. Log on by searching for UiT ( and then use Feide.

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