Lecture capture

UiT offers a service for automated lecture capture. The process is described below; from setting it up, to doing the actual recording, to publishing for your students.

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#1: Teacher requests lecture capture

You (the teacher) should first set up an agreement with your department regarding the copyright of the videos you produce. You can use UiT's standard contract as a starting point. The contract is between you and your department - the IT department is not involved in this particular part of the process.

To order an automated lecture capture, send the request to a room booker / study planner at your department. They will need the following information:

  1. Course code
  2. Lecture(s) that are to be recorded
    1. Date
    2. Time
    3. Every lecture during the entire semester?
  3. Whether you want a recording with a live stream or just a recording1
  4. If you do not want the recording published on Min side
  5. NOTE! Any exceptions or variations during the course of the semester

The study planner will make the appropriate changes in the room booking system. Among other things the study planner will make sure that the lecture is held in a room with the right kind of recording equipment. See the list of rooms with recording equipment for automated lecture capture

If you are going to use two or more different rooms for lecture capture, it will not require extra adminstation - as long as all the rooms have the right kind of recording equipment.

It is not possible to have just a live stream of the class. There will always be a recording. The teacher can hide (set visibility to private) or delete the recording.

#2: Study planner fills the request for lecture capture

As a study planner or someone who is responsible for TP it is your job to input the request for recording/streaming in TP. Each department should have good routines for following up these requests.

If a teacher in your department wants to record one or more of their lectures for a class, they will forward the request to you. If so, do as follows:

  1. Log in to the room booking system TP
  2. Open an existing room booking or create a new one for the class in question 
  3. Make sure that each lecture has a teacher associated with it
    1. The teacher who is listed first will be the owner of the recording
  4. Make sure that the lectures which are to be recorded have been booked in rooms with the right kind of recording equiment
  5. Activate the tag for opptak med direktesending (recording and live stream) or the tag for kun opptak (just recording) 1
    tagger for opptak
  6. If the teacher requests it, you can also activate the tag for "Ikke publiser til Minside/Studentapp" (do not publish on Min side/student app)
  7. Other than that, complete the room reservation as normal for a course and save your changes

When everything has been properly registered in TP, the rest of the process will be automated.

It is important to register changes in TP during the course of the semester. If the teacher cancels a lecture or swaps to a different room without the changes being registered in TP the recording will still happen as orgininally planned. This means that an empty room might get recorded - or in a worst case scenario that someone else's class gets recording without their knowledge.

It is your responsibility as a study planner to make sure that all lectures in a course that are to be recorded happen in a room with the right kind of recording equipment. If a lecture is planned in the wrong kind of room, the recording won't happen.

Important tips in order to make correct bookings

See the Norwegian version of this page.

More information about what the tags mean

Mediasite: Opptak med direktesending

This option means that the lecture can be watched online at the same time it happens, as long as the viewer has the web address to the recording. There is a 20 second delay between what is happening in the lecture hall and what is being shown online.

Use this option when someone who can't be in the lecture hall is required to be able to watch the lecture in (almost) real time.

Mediasite: Opptak

Use this option when there is not a demand to be able to watch the lecture at the same time it is happening. The recording will be available after the lecture is finished for those who have the web address.

As long as there is no requirement for a live stream, then "Mediasite: Opptak" is the correct choice.

Mediasite: Ikke publiser til Min Side/ UiT student app

Use this option to stop automated publication to Min Side (and previously UiT Student app). Normally all recordings get published on Min side. Use this tag in combination with one of the other two.

It is not possible to have just a live stream of the class. There will always be a recording. The teacher can hide (set visibility to private) or delete the recording.

#3: The order has been processed. What now?

After the study planner has input the request for automated lecture capture a lot of magic will happen in the background. A few things of note:

  • The teacher who is listed for the day's lecture in TP is the one who is responsible for the recording. This teacher will receive a link to the recording.
  • The teacher is also the technical owner of the recording. This means that s/he can deactivate the recording and/or edit it in My Mediasite.
  • Someone in the course has to take responsibility for making sure the students know where to find the recording.
  • Only UiT employees and students with the link to the recording will be able to watch it. If you would like to make changes to who can watch the recording, send an email to Orakelet and explain what/why.
  • The recording will be automatically deleted after two years. It is possible to change the deletion date.

#4: Where do students find the recording?

An important part of this automated lecture capture process is that the students know where to find the lecture recordings. Use one or more of the following options:

  • "Mediasite Kanal for video" in Canvas (most recommended)
  • Link
  • Embed individual vidoes on pages in Canvas
  • Min side for students

"Mediasite Kanal for video"

Recordings that are associated with a course in TP automatically are connected to Canvas via "Mediasite Kanal for video". "Mediasite Kanal for video" is one of the available links in a course's list of navigation links. All recordings for a course will show up in "Mediasite Kanal for video" in the correct course in Canvas.

This is what the teacher has to do:

  1. Navigate to the Canvas course and make "Mediasite Kanal for video" visible in the course navigation.
  2. Click on "Mediasite Kanal for video" to activate the connection to the recordings.

mediasite kanal for video i et canvas-emne
Example of Mediasite Kanal for video


As long as they are registered properly in TP, teachers will receive a link to the lecture recording; in the form of an automated email from the IT department. This email includes a link to an online folder where all of the course's lecture recordings will be collected. The folder link can be published in Canvas for the student, for example on the course's homepage in Canvas.

The email will be sent out 10 minutes after the study planner has set up the recording in TP. The email will only be sent 1 time (when the registration is first made in TP). If you do not receive the email, contact Orakelet. If you receive an email but didn't expect it, contact your study planner.

Embed individual videos on a page in Canvas

This requires a bit of work from the teacher but it is possible to show a video directly on a page in Canvas. This is called "embedding". The teacher who is responsible for the recording can access HTML-code in My Mediasite and add the video to a page in Canvas in the form of an iframe. Alternatively, use the My Mediasite integration in Canvas - edit the page and look for a button with 4 orange circles. 

Min side for students

All course recordings will be made available for the course's students when they log on to Min side for students. This is an automatic process. 

You can choose to not publish the recordings on Min side. If this is the case, ask your study planner to activate the tag "Mediasite: Ikke publiser til Minside/studentapp" in TP.

#5: Help! Something is wrong!

Technical issues during the recording session

Call the emergency number for AV help. There is an emergency number for local IT help posted in all classrooms.

Are there students who are watching the live stream? Have a plan ready in advance for how you will inform your students if there are technical issues.

Something happened that shouldn't be part of the recording

For example, was there a private conversation that got recorded?

  1. Contact Orakelet. We want to follow up cases like this.
  2. Deactivate the recording by setting it to "Private" in My Mediasite.
  3. Edit the recording to remove the undesired sequence.

A student can't play the recording

Check out this page with information for students about errors they can experience. Feel free to share the link with your students in Canvas.

#6: Recording the lecture - short version

You've requested an automated lecture capture and now it is time to hold your lecture. This is what you need to know.

Holding the lecture

  1. Start the teaching equipment in the auditorium from the Crestron panel like normal. The projector and other equipment will turn on.
  2. Use a microphone.
  3. Make sure everything looks good on the Mediasite screen.

What equipment is available varies from auditorium to auditorium. So make sure to get acquainted with the room you plan to use ahead of time. Send any questions you might have to Orakelet.

The recording includes

  1. Sounds from the PC (like YouTube) and the teacher's voice
  2. Video of the teacher
  3. Screen recording (PowerPoint / document camera)slik ser det ut når man ser på opptaket

#7: Recording the lecture - good to know

In it's basic form, there isn't much that a lecturer has to know about how automated lecture capture works. See the section above for the most important points. However, there are a few things that can be good to know about. 

Make sure everything looks right on the Mediasite screen

  1. Course code, room, and date match this lecture.
  2. The camera is showing what you want. You can make adjustments on the Crestron panel
  3. What is being shown on the projector is also showing on the Mediasite screen.
  4. The green bars move when you talk in the microphone.
  5. It says "Go live".


Good sound and video

  1. Use a microphone. We recommending the kind that fastens on your ears and goes around the back of your head.
  2. Make sure that questions and comments from the audience are part of the recording. Either have them speak into a microphone (e.g. Catchbox) or repeat what was said.
  3. You can use an extended desktop to have your notes on the podium screen and your PowerPoint presentation on the projector screen and in the recording.
  4. If you want, adjust what the camera sees.
  5. Recording what you write on a whiteboard/blackboard doesn't tend to work very well. We recommend using a touchscreen so that you can write directly onto your PowerPoint slides.
  6. A laser pointer won't be visible in the recording. Use a Logitech Spotlight. You can order a Spotlight from UiT's IT-department. 

Recording in progress...

  1. The recording starts when the room reservation starts. It ends 5 minutes after the room reservation is over. For example from 10:15 to 12:05.
  2. It is a good habit to inform the students each time a recording starts.
  3. There are recording lights both inside and outside the auditorium. The lights turn red when a recording is in progress.
    skilt med "recording" på. hele skiltet lyser rødt

Pause or end the recording early

Some auditoriums have a red button on the podium. This button can be used to pause the recording or stop it before its scheduled time.

  1. Press the button and release to pause the recording.
    • The recording light on the wall will begin to pulse.
  2. Press the button and release to start the recording again.
    • The recording light on the wall will glow a steady red.
  3. Hold the button in for 5 seconds to stop the recording ahead of schedule.
    • The recording light on the wall will turn off.

mediasiteknapp for å pause og/eller stoppe opptaket

#8: Editing a recording

Note! You have to be the owner of a recording and have a My Mediasite account in order to edit a recording. Alternatively, contact Orakelet and we will help you out. 

Check out the tutorials below about editing a recording:

  1. Open the editing tool
  2. What kind of edits can you make?
  3. Save the edited presentation

#9: Restricting access to a recording

If you need to, you can restrict access to the recording so that only you can see it. Was something said during a break that shouldn't have been recorded? Let Orakelet know if you need help.

Note! You have to be the owner of a recording and have a My Mediasite account in order to edit a recording. Alternatively, contact Orakelet and we will help you out. 

  1. Go to the main page of My Mediasite.
  2. Open the presentation by clicking its title.
  3. Click "Edit details" in the right-hand column.
  4. Change "Visibility" from "Viewable" to "Private". 

Now no one else can watch the recording.

#10: Change when the recording will be available

This section covers how to close or open a recording on a specific date. For example in association with an exam. You can set a date but not a specific time.

Note! You have to be the owner of a recording and have a My Mediasite account in order to edit a recording. Alternatively, contact Orakelet and we will help you out. 

  1. Go to the main page of My Mediasite.
  2. Open the presentation by clicking its title.
  3. Click on "Edit".
  4. Click on "Actions".
  5. Click on "Schedule new Action".
    actions, schedule new action
  6. Input the desired date, "Action type" and "New visibility". Below is an example of how to open a recording on a certain date.
  7. Click on "Add New Action".
    dato, action type, new visibiltiy, add new action
  8. Click "Save".

#11: Change the date for automatic deletion

Lecture recordings get automatically deleted after two years. You can change the deletion date by following the instructions below.

Note! You have to be the owner of a recording and have a My Mediasite account in order to edit a recording. Alternatively, contact Orakelet and we will help you out. 

  1. Go to the main page of My Mediasite.
  2. Open the presentation by clicking its title.
  3. Click "Edit".
  4. Click "Actions".
  5. There should be an Action there already which says the deletion date is two years after the recording was made. Click "Edit" to make changes to this Action.
    action, edit
  6. Adjust the date as desired. Below is an example of a recording getting deleted 1.5 years after it was made.
  7. Click "Update Action".
    innstillinger for action, update action
  8. Click "Save".