History Politics and War Memories of the North (UPAST)

Field Course “Sites of War in the Arctic:infrastructures, memories and the nature”

August, 2022

headed by Petia Mankova

This is a two weeks field-course formaximum 20 MA students from the partner institutions and four lecturers/tutors. During the course, we will visit the battlefields, the construction sites, the worksites, and the infrastructures built during the war, as well as monuments and memorials (Narvik, Tromsø, Sørøya, Hammerfest, Varanger, Kirkenes). The aim of the course is to connect personal experience with historical knowledge and to raise the awareness for the different range of sources (particularly non-verbal ones) among the students. More importantly, the course will offer theoretical insights on materiality, memory and practices of commemoration, and will engage with theoretical and methodological approaches to materiality and memory, at the same time focusing on understanding academic and popular uses of history. This will pave the ground for discussing the development of a 10 ECTS MA course on memory, materiality and the relationship between written and non-written evidence to be offered at the partner institutions.