UiT Autonomous Ship Program

Autonomous navigation will play an important role in future transportation systems.The technologies required for autonomous navigation in land transportation systems, i.e. self-driving cars such as Tesla, Uber, and Waymo, are in a mature phase when the environment is structured, i.e. well-defined roads and communication networks. The required technological advancements for autonomous transportation systems in an unstructured environment are subject to more challenging navigation constraints.

Not only the required technologies for maritime transportation systems can be more complex and still in a development phase, the infrastructure is in general inadequate.

A considerable amount of infrastructure and technology challenges has been encountered by maritime transportation systems in relation to autonomous navigation.

This project proposes to research on the required fundamental technologies to support future maritime transportation systems operation under autonomous conditions. This requires an understating of the challenges associated with ship navigation and finding appropriate solutions.

Project description UiT Autonomous Ship Program (pdf)

Responsible: Rita Sørensen