RENEW - Transformation to a Renewable & Smart Rural Power System Community

Power and energy demands are increasing due to the growing electrification of our society. This creates severe problems with power and energy shortages, especially at the rural end parts of the electricity grid. It is a critically old, weak and vulnerable grid, feeding entire communities with only one single power line. The primary objective of our project is to completely reinvent the old rural electricity system through a transformation to a Renewable and Smart Rural Power System Community (RENEW).


Bjarte Hoff (Principal investigator)

Financial/grant information:

Project leader: Tobias Boström (UiT/NT)
Project period: 2019-2022
Funded by: UiT tematiske satsinger
Partners: Tobias Boström (NT/UiT), Matteo Chiesa (NT/UiT), Yngve Birkelund (NT/IVT), Hans Kristian Hernes (HSL/UiT), Berit Kristoffersen (HSL/UiT), Terje Gjengedal (IVT/UiT), Bjarte Hoff (IVT/UiT), Troms Kraft AS, ARC.

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