Lead-to-drug development of amphipathic scaffolds targeting multi-resistant bacteria (LEADScAMR)

Image caption Figure 1. The three work packages of the LEADScAMR project.

The LEADScAMR project is a strategic step in UiTs longstanding initiative to combat multi-resistant bacteria by developing novel antibiotics and understanding the mechanisms causing resistance. The current situation is the deaths of 25 000 patients annually in Europe alone due to antibiotic resistance (source: WHO), and a worst scenario estimate of 10 million worldwide by year 2050. This requires immediate action. 

The milestones of the 3 work pacages (WPs) is to generate sufficient data through lead-to-drug candidate investigations that can attract the interest of pharmaceutical companies (Figure 1).


Morten Bøhmer Strøm (Principal investigator)
Johan Mattias Isaksson
Terje Vasskog