Image caption Figure 1: The figure illustrates an integrated system where emissions from a smelting plant are repurposed for the cultivation of marine microalgae in a bioreactor. The biomass is then processed into fish feed for salmon, demonstrating an innovative approach to sustainable aquaculture. (graphic by Magnus Andersland Antonsen)

The AlgScaleUp project, a collaboration with Finnfjord AS, aims to revolutionize the production of microalgae using a technology-driven, sustainable approach. The core of this project is the Green platform AlgOpti, designed to scale up microalgae production efficiently and sustainably at Finnfjord's ferrosilicon plant.


Key Aspects of AlgScaleUp:

1.       Sustainable Microalgae Production: AlgScaleUp focuses on producing microalgae as a raw material for salmon feed. This initiative is particularly significant considering the growing demand in the salmon industry and the need for sustainable feed sources.

2.       Circular Utilization of Emissions and Heat: A key feature of this project is its creative use of emission gases (CO2) and excess heat from ferrosilicon production. These by-products are reintegrated into the production cycle through a photobioreactor, effectively creating a circular system that minimizes environmental impact.

3.       Environmental Benefits:

a.       CO2 Reduction: The capture and utilization of CO2 in microalgae production will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to a cleaner atmosphere.

b.       NOx and SOx Reduction: Lower emissions of these harmful gases will positively impact local air quality.

c.        Energy Efficiency: The project leverages the heat surplus from ferrosilicon production, enhancing the energy balance of the microalgae production process.

4.       Technological and Industry Innovation: AlgScaleUp will generate valuable knowledge about scaling up microalgae production in the metallurgical industry, potentially revolutionizing practices in Norway and globally. This knowledge can lead to advancements in climate change mitigation and carbon neutrality efforts.

5.       Supporting the Norwegian Salmon Industry: By providing a domestic, sustainable alternative to imported feed raw materials like soya, AlgScaleUp supports the Norwegian salmon industry's growth, contributing to more sustainable food production.


AlgScaleUp represents a forward-thinking approach to microalgae production, harnessing technology, and circular economy principles to create sustainable solutions in the metallurgical and aquaculture industries.

Project webpage: algscaleup


Terje Vasskog (Principal investigator)
Marit Huizer