Oral health

Our activities in vitamin D research spans from topics of regional relevance with a focus on vitamin D sources and security for Arctic populations, to the role of vitamin D for disease risk and disease prevention for the general population. Within the area of oral health, our efforts involve two main studies:

Effect of Vitamin D Supplement Prior to Non-surgical Periodontal Therapy: a Feasibility Trial - The purpose of this study is to test the feasibility i. e. to examine all aspects necessary for the implementation of a future randomized clinical trial that aims to determine whether non-surgical periodontal treatment can be improved by concomitant intake of vitamin D. For additional information, click the following link (Norwegian).

Dental Health in the North - This project is a survey of the dental health conditions of the population in several municipalities in Finnmark, with particular emphasis on the Sami population. The data collection was done during 2013-2014 and involved over 2,000 adult participants, ages 18-75. The results of the survey are important in being able to offer everyone an equal dental treatment offer based on the individual's specific needs. Further research into the data is planned in the future and it is relevant to obtain new data, particularly from national registers and record systems. For additional information, click the following link (Norwegian).