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Kirkenes is considered the capital of the Barents region. It is only 20 minutes from Russia and three hours by car from the big city of Murmansk - a city of 350,000 inhabitants.

Kirkenes is also only 30 minutes from Finland and a couple of hours drive to the Finnish mountains and the alpine scenery. However, the international aspect is not the only presence. Here too, proximity is a keyword, with short distances to work, school, kindergarten, shops and the local area.

Cultural life is booming and in Kirkenes, you can attend Barentsspektakel, which is a groundbreaking cultural festival. Art and culture in the border zone, such as the Samovar Theater is something you will have many opportunities to see. The outdoor activities are diverse, from cross-country skiing and climbing to exciting walks in Lars Monsen's footsteps in the Upper Pasvik National Park. However, if you prefer city life, Kirkenes has a lot to offer on that front too. It is said that opportunities lie in the north and Kirkenes is no different.





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