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Everything is set for a nice and inclusive study stay in Mo i Rana. In nice, new premises at Campus Helgeland right in the city center, you as a student have access to the campus around the clock, whether it be for study work or just to meet up with fellow students, it is all available to you.

Mo i Rana has a rich cultural- and nightlife. The city hosts four festivals each year. The music festivals Verket and Smeltedigelen during the fall semester and the theater festival Vinterlys and the music festival Rød Snø during the spring semester. Mo i Rana has also good opportunities for outdoor activities, such as rafting, rock climbing and top hikes to name a few.

NB! Do you have a certificate of apprenticeship - and want to become an engineer?
From 1 June 2019, you can apply for admission to our study programs Bygg Y-vei and Maskin Y-vei in Mo i Rana. The Y-vei studies are designed for applicants with a professional background and a relevant professional certificate of apprenticeship from the areas of “Engineering and Industrial Production (TIP)” or “Construction Engineering disciplines”.

Study start will be Monday, January 6, 2020.

We hope the start-up time will be appealing, both for those who have worked for a few years and who are now considering building on an engineering degree, but also for those who have received their professional certificate this fall, and who plan to move on to an engineering degree.

The area "Construction Engineering" qualifies for admission to our Bachelor of Engineering program "Bygg", while the area "Engineering and Industrial Production" qualifies for admission to the "Maskin" program.

Both programs can be completed here at Mo i Rana, within a normal 3-year run. The special thing here is that we start in the spring semester (1st semester) and end in the fall semester (6th semester).

You can apply for admission from June 1 to September 10, 2019.
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