Student housing

The Arctic Student Welfare Organisation (Samskipnaden)
Housing Department

Would you like to live surrounded by nature and forest or a view over beautiful Norwegian mountains and valleys? Or do you prefer to live in the city centre with cafés, shops and theatres at your doorstep? Our partner, the Housing Department at the Arctic Student Organisation of Norway (Samskipnaden) offers rental of student housing for students at UiT The Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø, Alta, Hammerfest, Harstad and Longyearbyen where you ou can quickly build your social network and make new friends by living exactly where so many other students choose to live.

NB! All international students admitted to exchange programmes or onsite Short, Bachelor's and Master's programmes by the International Office at UiT can apply for student housing through Samskipnaden Housing Department.

How to apply for student housing?

Student Housing UiT

Welfare Offerings for students at UiT in Narvik


Students with children can apply to kindergarten at one of The Arctic Student Welfare Organisations kindergartens.
More about the organisations kindergarten in Narvik here.

Student Ombudsman

Student Ombudsman is an independent aid person who provides students at UiT help and guidance in matters relating to their study situation.

Student counseling and care

If you want to talk to someone about matters not directly concerning disciplinary or administrative issues, there are separate guidance services that can help you with this.

We offer help and support to resolve personal problems that can make student life more difficult. If together we find that our help is not sufficient as the only offer, we help to arrange contact with other authorities. The offer is not a substitute for the public health system, but a supplement to meet students' special needs.

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