Outdoor life in Tromsø

The Arctic Adventurer - Do you have it in you? Could you see yourself as an avid adventurer in the Arctic's wild nature and mountains? Are you at your best when you spend your free time in the outdoors, giving yourself the experience of life? If you want to spend more time in the most awesome and challenging, yet splendid landscape imaginable, you can stop looking. Tromsø is your choice!

Enjoy Tromsø nature

Students in Tromsø live close to nature. Short distances between dorms, campus, activities and nature is the ideal recipe for an immersed student life and Norwegian experience at UiT in Tromsø. Fjords, mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, snow, green grasslands, fish, fruit and berries, fresh air and clean flowing waterfalls for students searching for adventure, adrenaline rush, speed and excitement as well as serenity and silence.

With your education at UiT in Tromsø, we guarantee you a student life full of adventures. With our student organisations specialised in outdoor and recreational activities, where you will meet avid fellow adenturers just like you, in every way. What's there not to love?

Top Mountain Tours

It goes without saying that it is easy to have an active life as a student in Tromsø, since the island is surrounded by endless hiking terrains that are suitable for a variety of outdoor activities.This means that you as a UiT student will have rich opportunities to take advantage of nature if you are fond of outdoor opportunities. Countless mountain tours, such as Top Mountain Tours ( Ti på topp), are within a few miles.

Going for a walk nowadays is such a pleasure. Rich Norwegian nature can show you not only beautiful flowers, but also its treasure. Berry season is a delight in Norway. The cool summer climate makes the berries ripen slower and develops a wonderful sweetness and flavour. It is an important part of the traditional harvesting outdoor life. The excitement when you crawl across the valley, the joy when the orange color is revealed and the smile in the mouthwind when home-made mulberry sauce is served enrich everyone. The Outdoors Act gives everyone free access to berry picking.

Beyond Tromsøya

There is plenty to do here in the summer. You can go on camping or cycle around the area. With the light all day long it is possible to travel quite far. Just beyond the bridge Kvaløya is luring with beautiful mountains and a coast full of birds. When thinking about Norwegian outdoor experiences, fishing unavoidably comes to mind. So much water, so many lakes, so many opportunities to catch a trout, cod, halibut, coalfish, etc. So when in Norway, do as the Norwegians do: catch yourself a fish. Cycle to the other direction of the island of Tromsø and you can visit places on the mainland in the east. For the ones looking for a challenge mountains above Tromsdalen are a great choice. And if you don’t like climbing too much, you can take a cable car.