Exchange Students

Exchange students are students from academic institutions with which UiT The Arctic University of Norway have formal exchange agreements. The students are selected and nominated by their home universities for a period of 3-12 months of study at UiT.

If an exchange agreement does not exist between your home university and UiT, you cannot apply for an admission an exchange student at UiT. If this category does not apply to you, please consider other categories for applying.

Study options:

UiT offers a large varities of English-taught for exchange students. Please consult the Study Catalogue for options vailable.

The updated course list for the coming term is published as follows:

Application deadline:

  • Autumn semester: 15 April

  • Spring semester: 1 October

Our Exchange Agreements:

  • Erasmus

  • Nordplus / Nordlys

  • North2North

  • Barentsplus

  • Archangelsk agreement

  • Fellowship Programme for Studies in the High North

  • EEA (students from UiT partner insitutions)

  • other bilateral agreements

General Admission Requirements:

Exchange students are expected to have

  • completed at least one year of university studies
  • a good command of English

  • Proof of Funding (Only Non-EU-/-EEA-/-EFTA Students)

You apply through your international coordinator or the international office at your home university. Please contact your international office for further details on the process of selection and nomination for an exchange to UiT The Arctic University of Norway.

Application form and procedures:



The following forms and documents are required for an application to UiT The Arctic University of Norway:


Application - Step by step

After you have been nominated by your home university as an exchange student to UiT The Arctic University of Norway, you must

  1. print out and fill inn UiT´s Exchange Student Application Form
  2. have the application signed by your international coordinator/the international office at your home university.
  3. check UiT´s course catalogue and select the courses you wish to attend
  4. print out UiT´s Learning Agreement and list in your selected courses
  5. have the Learning agreement approved and signed by your international coordinator/the international office
  6. attach an original or verified copy of your transcript of records
  7. send the application to:

University of Tromsø
Department of Academic Affairs
International Office
NO-9037 Tromsø, Norway

                    8. Apply for accommodation

                    Processing your application:

                    The International Office UiT will check that the application for exchange is complete; is in conformity with the General Admission Requirements and a valid exchange agreement between UiT and your university within your field of study. Your application is then sent for processing to the faculty in which you wish to study. The faculties base their decision regarding admission on the applicant's academic performance and his/her fully completed application form and learning agreement.

                    When you have been accepted as an exchange student to UiT, the International Office sends you an information package including your "Letter of Admission" and "Student Contract". The latter has to be signed and returned to us within a given deadline.

                    We look forward to receiving your application!

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