autumn 2011

FYS-2008 Measurement techniques - 10 stp

Measurement techniques
The course is administrated by
Fakultet for naturvitenskap og teknologi
Admission requirements
The course is available as a singular or elective course independent of study programme, also to exchange students and free-movers.
Recommended prerequisites
AS207 Electronics, MAT-1001 Calculus 1
Course contents
The course covers the general structure of measuring systems, besides various basic elements and areas of application. Furthermore, it includes the theory for analysing the properties of static and dynamic systems, in addition to statistical methods of analysis. Exercises will be emphasized.
Objective of the course
The course is an extension of the introductory course in electronics. In this course, electronics aimed at general instrumental and measuring problems will be emphasized. The student will gain basic knowledge about general principles of measurement, sensors, transmission and data processing.
Language of instruction and examination
The language of instruction is English and all of the syllabus material is in English. Examination questions will be given in English, but may be answered either in English or a Scandinavian language.
Teaching methods
Lectures: 40 hours
Exercises: 20 hours
Laboratory exercises: 20 hours
Assessment methods
Portfolio assessment of a take-home examination counting about 20 % and a final 4 hour written examination counting about 80 %. All components in the portfolio are assessed as a whole and one combined grade is given.

Assessment scale: Letter grades A-F.

Re-sit examination (section 22):
Students having failed the last ordinary examination are offered a re-sit examination early in the following semester, if the course is compulsory in their study programme, otherwise given that an examination is already being arranged. 4 hour written examination counting 100 %.

Postponed examination (sections 17 and 21):
Students with valid grounds for absence will be offered a postponed examination. Postponed take-home examination is arranged during the semester if possible, otherwise early in the following semester. Postponed written examination is held early in the following semester.

New ordinary examination (section 25):
A new ordinary examination in the teaching-free semester is not offered.

See indicated sections in Regulations for examinations at the University of Tromsø for more information.

Coursework requirements
Access to the final examination requires participation in laboratory exercises and submission of take-home examination.
Date for examination
Skriftlig eksamen:
The date for the exam can be changed. The final date will be announced at your faculty early in May and early in November.
Course overlap
FYS-290 Measurement techniques, general principles 9
Recommended reading/syllabus
Syllabus and reading list are available in Fronter, or by contacting the teacher or the student adviser.

Lectures Autumn 2011
First attendance Thu 18th of August 12:15 - Auroral Observatory AUD
Lectures Prof. Svein Ketil Jacobsen
Exercises Stip. Henry Oswaldo Pinedo
Laboratory exercises Organization of the laboratory exercises will be announced later.

Prof. Svein Ketil Jacobsen