Jubileumsforelesning: Scottish Missionaries and the Bemba

I år er det 30 år siden kunsthistorie ble etablert som fag ved Universitetet i Tromsø. Dette markeres gjennom en serie jubileumsforelesninger, hvorav den første skjer på og i samarbeid med Polarmuseet.

Forelesningens tittel: “Scottish Missionaries and the Bemba: new sources for the history of colonialism in south-central Africa”

Ved gjesteforeleser Dr. Lawrence Dritsas, University of Edinburgh.


This paper is based upon objects held by National Museums Scotland in Edinburgh and collected within the framework of the dissemination of Christianity and the expansion of the colonial enterprise c.1900.

First, we examine the impact of Scottish missionaries on the development and display of the ethnographic collections from south-central Africa in Scotland. Second, we attempt the use these objects to further our understanding of the first contacts between the Bemba and the London Missionary Society.

The history of the British South Africa Company (BSAC) occupation of what is now Zambia’s Northern Province in the late 1890s is well known. The Bemba’s migration into the region, generally bad reputation as raiders, their initial resistance to BSAC control followed by their rapid capitulation has also been examined, alongside the story of their evangelisation.

What is lacking from these accounts is any connection between such narratives and the material artefacts acquired and returned to Britain during this time period. We propose new approaches to using object collections to support the historiography of colonialism.

For more information about Lawrence's project with photos: https://www.nms.ac.uk/collections-research/our-research/highlights-of-previous-projects/scottish-collectors-in-central-africa/


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