Student looking for job

Ansvarlig: Karol Mękarski
Studiested: Tromsø
Telefon: +48603496115

I’m a master student who came from Poland to Norway in August to participate in Erasmus+ student exchange programme. Currently I'm at Universitetet i Tromsø where I take courses focusing on English Literature – focusing on its criticism as well as education aspects.

I'm a young, energetic person who's open-minded and friendly towards other people. I'm easy-going and trying to be on good terms with customers and co-workers. I'm also willing to gain experience from the place I work in and learn new stuff. When it comes to stress, my experience in previous positions taught me how to handle it.

I'm not afraid of taking on any job. I have done quite a few jobs in different fields, whether it be an office job or a physical job. I'm capable of adapting to circumstances and I'm always willing to educate myself to perform my task well.

I can help with many things. I can clean the house/garage/garden/shed/space. I can do shopping. I can assist in a task that requires physical prowess. I can do some heavy lifting, help with movement from one house to another. I can do shopping or make a delivery. Although I don't have a car here, I can offer logistic assistance to the person who requests it. I can take care of a pet, wether it be a dog or a cat (however, I can do it only in your household, as I am not allowed to bring any animal to student housing). If there is something else you need help, we can always talk about it and arrange it.

I don't speak Norwegian fluently, but I am capable of communicating in this language. If it is necessary or the situation requires so, I can communicate in Norwegian.

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