Workshop Implementation Plan

Hvordan skrive en god "implementation plan"?

Gjennomgang av del tre i prosjektbeskrivelsen - søknad på forskerprosjekt våren 2020 til Forskningsrådet

1.     Implementation

This chapter should provide a description of the project team, work plan, task allocation, organisation and management.

  • Project manager and project group
  • Describe the expertise and experience of the project manager in the context of the proposed project to complement the information in the CV.
  • Describe briefly the project team, including collaborators, to complement the information in the CVs. In particular, describe the complementarity of the participants in the context of the proposed project.


  • Project organisation and management
  • Describe the work plan using a structure of work packages and Gantt chart(s).
  • Provide a brief overview of research infrastructure and other resources that will be essential for carrying out the proposed project.
  • Describe the allocation of tasks to the project team members, linking the tasks to specific work packages.
  • Describe the organisation and management structure.
  • If applicable, describe stakeholder/user involvement in the project, and explain why this will contribute to carrying out the specific measures which are proposed for the exploitation of the results (see section 2.2).


Implementation - please note:

Avoid repeating information already contained in the CVs. Focus on the concrete roles and tasks and how the project team, including key collaborators, is suitable and adequate for the research project.

The work plan, work packages and tasks should present a realistic and feasible approach to using the methodology and achieving the objectives presented in the first chapter. The ambitions and workload should be realistic in terms of resources such as personnel, expertise, research infrastructure, etc.




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