Land Rights and Climate Change: Open workshop

Land Rights and Climate Change

Monday the 27th January: Open workshop at the University of Tromsø IFF (Innsikten)

0915: Meet for coffee in the HSL cafeteria

0945: Megan Blomfield (University of Sheffield), ‘Land as a global commons?’

1115: Break

1130: Kerstin Reibold (Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø), ‘Indigenous land rights under climate change’

1300: Lunch in the HSL cafeteria

1415: Fabian Schuppert (University of Potsdam), ‘Land-based adaptation measures, the claims of vulnerable and disadvantaged communities, and the prospects of a just transition’

1545: Break

1600: Matthew Coffay (University of Bergen), ‘Sustainability in Norwegian agriculture: The normative model of sustainable development and sustainability transition studies’

1700: Finish

All are welcome. 

Papers are to be precirculated,  so if you wish to attend, let me know and I can forward them on.


Få utskriftsvennlig versjon ved å trykke på denne
When: 27. January 2020 kl. 09.15–17.00
Where: TEO-H1 1.524 Møterom Innsikten
Location / Campus: Tromsø
Target group: Employees, Students, Guests, Invited