Selling sleeping bag, Frebord, mattress and mattress roll

Ansvarlig: Rangita Dawadi
Studiested: Tromsø
Telefon: 46561395

Moving away from Tromsø in two months so selling some good stuff I've collected during these years. 

1. Ajungilak Tundra 3 seasons mammoth 195cm / 1.5kg sleeping bag , original price around 1500kr, Selling price at 800kr .

2. Frebord botanist 85cm with bamboo deck, new large speedballs with DaBlues wheel, original price circa 4500kr, Selling price 2000kr.

3. Gold T70 (90 x 200cm) mattress selling for 950kr and dream zone rolling mattress for 150kr


 For further inquiries contact or at ph no. 46561395

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