Webinar: “Taxonomy today: Hydrozoa as study case“

Marta Gil Gonzales is giving a talk about hydrozoans, their taxonomy, and her work at the Arctic University Museum of Norway during an online webinar on Tuesday, 14th at 14.00.


Marta Gil did her PhD thesis about hydroids from the Northwest Africa at the Universidade de Vigo. During 2021 she is doing a post-doc at the Havforskningsinstituttet in Bergen financed by The Research Council of Norway.

Her project includes the taxonomical study of the hydroids collected in the MAREANO cruises, since 2007 until this year, participation in some MAREANO cruises to increase the collection of Hydrozoa and visit some of the Norwegian museums to review and study their Hydrozoa collections.

During her visit to the museum of Tromsø, she has updated the identifications of the collection and studied specially samples related with the family Lafoeidae.

Her talk is entitled “Taxonomy today: Hydrozoa as study case“



Meeting ID: 913 4667 7526
Passcode: 60WDtb

When: 14. September 2021 at 14.00–14.30
Where: Norges arktiske universitetsmuseum (Digitalt)
Location / Campus: Digital
Target group: Employees, Students, Guests
Contact: Andreas Altenburger
E-mail: andreas.altenburger@uit.no
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