Networking meeting for breast cancer research in Tromsø

A group of researchers and clinicians has taken the initiative to form a local network for breast cancer research in Tromsø. We hereby invite you to join a one-day seminar about on-going breast cancer research in Tromsø!

The purpose of this network is to stimulate local collaboration and facilitate interaction between researchers and clinicians working with breast cancer. The overall goal of the network is to promote breast cancer research of high quality in Tromsø. In this regard, we invite you to join a one-day seminar where local researchers and clinicians present on-going breast cancer research. We will discuss future plans and activities within the network.

The meeting is open for everybody, but particularly relevant for employees, MSc- and «forskerlinje» students at UiT and UNN Tromsø that are doing, or are interested in breast cancer research.

We encourage people to join lunch and a social gathering after the meeting for networking.


Auditorium 7, MH-øst Chair: Maria Perander
09:00 Opening of meeting
09:05 Welcome from the faculty
Johanna U. Ericson, vice-dean research, Faculty of health sciences, UiT.
09:10 Information about EU Horizon Europe “Mission Cancer”
Inge Waller Nilsen, senior advisor, project office, Faculty of health sciences, UiT.
09:25 Information about the Norwegian national network for breast cancer research
Kristine Kleivi Sahlberg, network leader, Vestre Viken
09:50 Single cell sequencing of breast cancer
Erik Knutsen, Department of Medical Biology, UiT.
10:10 Coffee break
Auditorium 7, MH-øst Chair: Karina Standahl Olsen
 10:25 Establishing an animal model of cardiotoxicity induced by breast-cancer treatment
Anne Dragøy Hafstad, Department of Medical Biology, UiT.
 10:45 NEAT1 and paraspeckles in breast cancer
Maria Perander, Department of Medical Biology, UiT.
11:05 Autophagy and breast cancer
Eva Sjøttem/Yakubu Princely Abudu, Department of Medical Biology, UiT.
11:25 Nephronectin as a matrix effector in breast cancer metastasis
Synnøve Magnussen, Department of Medical Biology, UiT.
11:45 Lunch (Lysgården, MH-øst)
 Aud. Cerebellum, MH-vest  Chair: Erik Knutsen
 12:45 Epidemiological perspectives on breast cancer
Eiliv Lund, Department of Community Medicine, UiT.
 13:05 Blood gene expression during the cancer trajectory
Karina Standahl Olsen, Department of Community Medicine, UiT.
 13:25 Approaching precision medicine in breast cancer
Lill-Tove Busund, Department of Medical Biology, UiT.
 13:45 TBA
Marijke van Ghelue / Siri Briskemyr, UNN Tromsø.
 14:05  Coffee break
 Aud. Cerebellum, MH-vest  Chair: Synnøve Mangnussen
 14:20 Stress activated signaling pathways in breast cancer
Ole Morten Seternes / Ingvild Mikkola, Department of Pharmacy, UiT.
14:40 Breast cancer from a surgeon’s perspective
Vegard Brun, UNN Tromsø / Department of Clinical Medicine, UiT.
15:00 Breast cancer from a pathologists’ perspective
Elin Mortensen, UNN Tromsø / Department of Medical Biology, UiT.
15:20 Clinical breast cancer studies at UNN Tromsø
Egil Støre Blix / Thomas Berg, UNN Tromsø.
15:40 Discussion and future plans for the network
16:15 Closure
18:00 Social gathering and pizza in town
When: 26. October 2021 at 09.00–16.15
Where: Auditorium 7, plan 6, MH-øst
Location / Campus: Tromsø
Target group: Employees, Students, Guests, Invited, Enhet
Contact: Maria Perander

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