Disputas - MSc i biologi Vincent Carrier

MSc in Biology Vincent Carrier (AMB) will Monday 29 November 2021 at 12:15 defend his thesis for the PhD degree in Natural Science:

"Microbial community structure associated to Arctic cold seeps"


Evaluation Committee

  • Associate Professor Håkon Dahle, University of Bergen (1 opponent)
  • Associate Professor Mylène Hugoni, University Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Frankrike (2 opponent)
  • Professor Rolf Gradinger, AMB (internal member and leader of the committee)



  • Professor Mette Svenning, Department of Arctic and Marine Biology
  • Associate Professor Dimitri Kalenitchenko, Department of Geology
  • Researcher Friederike Gründger, Aarhus University, Denmark
  • Professor Helge Niemann, Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Rsearch and Utrecht University, Switzerland


Streaming site

Both the defence and the trial lecture will be streamed and recorded from this web site:  https://mediasite.uit.no/Mediasite/Catalog/Full/e02db146deef4e1cb9d46ad9853ab46621


The thesis is available here: https://munin.uit.no/handle/10037/22978


The disptuation will be led by Vice Dean Michaela Aschan.

When: 29. November 2021 at 12.15–15.00
Where: Strømmes fra store auditorium (E-101), NFH-bygget
Location / Campus: Digital, Tromsø
Target group: Employees, Students, Guests, Invited
Contact: Ingjerd Gauslaa Nilsen
E-mail: ingjerd.nilsen@uit.no
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