Prøveforelesning - Master of Science Qinghui Liu

Prøveforelesning - Master of Science Qinghui Liu

Master of Science Qinghui Liu will hold his trial lecture on the announced topic for the PhD degree in Science on 8 December at 10.15.

Title of the trial lecture:

«Explainability in deep learning, from convolutional neural networks to graph neural networks»

Evaluation Committe

  • Professor Sébastien Lefévre, University of South Brittany, Frankrike (1. Opponent)
  • Professor Anne Solberg, UiO (2. opponent)
  • Associate Professor Benjamin Ricaud, Department of Physics and Technology, UiT (internal member and leader of the evaluation committee)


The PhD thesis will be defended on the same day at 12.15 in Auditorium 1.022 in Teknologibygget. The title of Qinghui Liu's PhD thesis is:

«Advancing Land Cover Mapping in Remote Sensing with Deep Learning»


The trial lecture and the public defence will be streamed from this link.

The thesis is published and available in Munin.

When: 08. December 2021 at 10.15–11.00
Where: Teknologibygget rom 1.022
Location / Campus: Digital, Tromsø
Target group: Employees, Students, Guests
Contact: Camilla Andreassen
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