Disputas - Tor Dahl-Eriksen

Cand.polit. Tor C. Dahl-Eriksen will on January 19 at 10.15 publically defend his thesis for the dr.philos degree in Humanities and Social Sciences.

Title of the thesis:

R2P - The controversial Implementation of The Responsibility to Protect within State Sovereignty.



UiT follows the national guidelines regarding infection control. A maximum of 50 people will be allowed to attend in the auditorium during the trial lecture. Face masks and registrarion of attendece is required for participation for the event. If you are showing any form of symptoms or have been in contact with anyone infected with Covid-19 we ask you to stay home.


You can watch the stream live here. The links will be available as soon as the stream starts. 



There is a scheduled lunch break, excepted to be from 12.15-13.15.  


Trial lecture starts the same day at 09.15 AM. 


Times are approximates and are open to some change.  


Popular scientific abstract:

“The thesis is a so-called cover-article for five published articles on R2P, the national and international responsibility to protect populations from mass atrocities, defined as genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and ethnic cleansing. Since the adoption of the principle by the UN General Assembly in 2005, implementation of the objectives have been both successful and generated severe controversy. My work with the articles as well as the thesis is based on the study of relevant literature and documents. The articles addresses different aspects connected to R2P. A premise for all of them is that state sovereignty is connected to responsibility. The thesis discusses the meaning of this in detail through historical roots and current debates. The purpose is primarily to contribute to ongoing academic debates about R2P, the potential and the limitations”.


Link to the thesis in munin will be published here 


Evaluation committee:

Senior Lecturer PhD Cecilia Jacob, Australian National University

Professor PhD Gentian Zyberi, Universitetet i Oslo

Professor Emeritus Knut H. Mikalsen, UiT Norges arktiske universitet


Leader of the public defence:

Head of the department, Hans-Kristian Hernes, Department of Social Sciences.


If you have any questions for the candidate during the public defense "Opposition ex auditorio", please send an e-mail to the leader of the public defense. (hans-kristian.hernes@uit.no)

When: 19. January 2022 at 10.30–15.00
Where: TEO-H1 1.836-AUD2/Digital
Location / Campus: Digital, Tromsø
Target group: Employees, Students, Guests, Invited, Enhet
Contact: Lars Kolbeinsen
Phone: 77 64 60 93
E-mail: lars.kolbeinsen@uit.no

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