PEACE Research Group at Centre for Peace Studies invites to a digital guest lecture by Professor (dr.) Tony Ghaye, FRSA, currently Professor at Loughborough University in London.



This question will be explored from a psychosocial perspective and builds on recent research from applied positive psychology and the global U MATTER Human Rights and Wellbeing project. It's a presentation about possibilities rather than problems. Central to the presentation will be the argument that peace begins with building inner peace. This in turn opens up a debate about how far I/we feel valued, that I/we matter and what constitutes our 'secure-base'. The presentation will summarise the need for morally courageous leadership and share the findings of the global online survey that U MATTER (2020) which sets out 5 the 'conversations-that-matter' which, arguably, are fundamental to building a more peaceful world.

Professor (dr.) Tony Ghaye, FRSA, is currently Professor at Loughborough University in London, Director of the Global Human Rights & Wellbeing Project called U MATTER, President of Live Healthy Initiatives, Kenya & Associate Director and Research Chair for AlphaZULU Advocates who work globally to design and implement robust strategies for improving governance for sustainable development. In 2021, he was honoured by GLOBAL PEACE for his work in moderating, speaking & supporting 100 global Inter-Generational Dialogues which focused on what a better world, for all, should look like and how to shape it. Tony is a community-based researcher, deep into sustainable action for positive social change, human rights elevation & wellbeing. He works to build the leadership density within communities, promote social justice, lessen disadvantage & challenge prejudice. He applies positive psychology, reflective learning & appreciative inquiry to create inclusive contexts where everyone can thrive & flourish & feel that they matter. The inspiration for his work comes mainly from two different places & peoples. First from many years leading his own 3rd sector companies in the Global South, especially in West & East Africa ( Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda) & India, with ambitious & talented people, but caught in debilitating poverty traps & with those who are often excluded, marginalized, angry & vulnerable. Second from his ongoing work in the Circumpolar Arctic North, with issues of wellbeing, strength-based leadership, social sustainability & action. 

Professor Tony is known for developing the Participatory & Appreciative Action Research (PAAR) methodology, regarded as a world class facilitator & a global leader in strength-based reflection & growth. The focus of his attention is on two questions: (1) How do I/we improve what I/we do? (2) How do I/we feel valued and add value? In addition to working with under-privileged populations & under-served communities, Tony has worked in 8 of the most innovative universities world-wide, for example in the UK, Sweden, Australia & Hong Kong. 

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When: 17. January 2022 at 10.15–12.00
Where: Digital
Location / Campus: Digital
Target group: Employees, Students
Responsible: Marcela Douglas Aranibar
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