IMB Conference 2022

As one of the largest institutes at UiT, the Institute of Medical biology (IMB) wishes to invite all its employees to the IMB Conference. This is an excellent opportunity to share your work and forge professional and social relationships with your colleagues at the institute.

We are happy to inform you that the IMB conference will be held also this year, and the dates are set to 13th and 14th of June. We are planning social events on both Monday and Tuesday. So, please save both evenings.

Call for registration of talk or poster: Deadline 12th of May!

We encourage all researchers and staff to present their research, either as a talk or a poster.

  • To sign up for being selected for an oral presentation, please use this link: We currently only ask for a preliminary title, and 3-5 sentences describing the topic of your talk.
  • To sign up for poster presentation, please use this link: We will be asking for your poster title and a 3-5 line summary of your topic to be submitted no later than one week before the conference. The information will be published online, so do not write anything that cannot be published openly.

The aim of this year’s conference is to facilitate the establishment of competitive research collaborations, and we plan to achieve this aim by:

  • Present active topics and competence at IMB. 
  • Invite potential collaborators at the Faculty of Health Sciences, UiT, and UNN. 
  • Arrange social activities to promote professional and social relationships.
  • Allow young researchers to acquire experience with presenting research, organizing scientific conferences, and leading plenary sessions. 
  • Acknowledge excellent science, researchers, and role model employees at IMB.

The main topics included in the program this year are:

  • Overview of the field of research for IMB’s research groups
  • Ongoing research at IMB
  • Specialized research equipment and main techniques available for research at UiT
  • Successfully financed projects at IMB in 2021 and past research prize winners at the Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Potential collaboration between UNN and IMB and how to include basic research in clinical trials

Bilde av noen som holder opp en pteriskål med et tegnet hjerte i

There will also be a keynote lecture from George A. Calin from MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston Texas.

We hope as many as possible will be able to attend the conference.


The IMB conference committee

Athanasios Kournoutis, Anett Kristin Larsen, Clement Ajayi, Anne Dragøy Hafstad, Yakubu Princely Abudu, Nikoline Lander Rasmussen, Synnøve Magnussen, Johanna U Ericson, Kjersti Sellæg, Isaac Odonkor, Clizia Russotto, Kristin Andreassen Fenton, Saikat Das Sajib, Erik Knutsen

Starts: 13. June 2022 at 09.00
Ends: 14. June 2022 at 16.00
Where: Auditorium Cerebrum, MH2
Location / Campus: Tromsø
Target group: Employees, Guests
Contact: Erik Knutsen
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