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Weather forecast for Tromsø

Northern lights forecast  

Map showing important sites and venues during the conference, both on campus and downtown Tromsø city center

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Getting around in Tromsø  

Bus from town centre to UiT Campus

The town bus (Nobina Buses) route no. 20/21 to the University leaves from Fr. Langes gate (F1) in the centre of the town, and returns from the university at the green marker in the map above. 

The bus leaves every 10 minutes from the centre of the city on weekdays. 
Timetables are available for specific connections at the bus stops. 

Ticket price: NOK 32 (bought beforehand) or NOK 42 (onboard bus)
1 day pass: 70 NOK
2 day pass: 120 NOK
4 day pass: 180 NOK

Travel time: about 10 minutes between the town centre and the University campus
Timetables: Tromskortet

Town Centre
To find your way in Tromsø, get a city map from the Tromsø Tourist Information Office or use google maps   

Map of UiT campus 

Bus from the airport

Bus route 40 and 42 stops by the airport (Nobina Buses). Make sure you get on a bus in the right direction (to/from city centre). Route 42 stops by the University of Tromsø as well (30 min by bus, 5 min walk uphill).

Ticket price: NOK 40
Travel time: about 20 minutes to city centre
Timetables: Tromskortet 
Timetables are also available for specific connections at most bus stops. 

Airport express bus
Airport express buses (Flybuss) run to the major hotels in the city centre and some also directly to the University campus (if you are going to Scandic hotel, please notify the driver). First departure of the airport bus from city centre is at 5:40 A.M. and last return from the airport is at midnight. 

Ticket price: NOK 70 (single fare) and NOK 100 (return trip, valid for 30 days).
Travel time: 10-15 minutes
Timetables: Flybussen

You can get a taxi at several taxi stands in the centre of the town. There is also a taxi stand outside the University Hospital (building no. 33 on the map of campus). 

Tromsø Taxi (land code +47) 03011 or 77 60 30 00
Din Taxi (land code +47) 02045 (for booking from abroad, call +47 401 02045)

Taxi from the airport
Taxis are available during airport opening hours; expect a short wait during certain periods. Join the queue outside the airport terminal. If there are no taxis waiting make sure you are visible to the camera, and a taxi will arrive shortly. 

Cost from the airport to town centre: App. NOK 150-200
Travel time: 10-15 minutes

The deadline for registration is now over

Conference fees:

Speakers and students: NOK 1000
Other participants: NOK 2000

The conference fee includes participation, coffee/tea and fruit during breaks.

A subsidized warm lunch is available for NOK 100 per day.
The conference dinner Friday night costs NOK 500 and includes a three course meal and two units of beverage.

Cancellation fees apply.


Several options are available through most of the regular hotel booking search engines. Notice however that the moderately sized Tromsø city will be quite busy during the week of the conference with three other academic conferences overlapping TromSlang. 

In this list: Visit Tromsø you will find a wide range of accommodation options in Tromsø (only make sure you find something close to the town centre). 


Organizing committee

Øystein A. Vangsnes (leader)
Hilde Sollid
Trond Trosterud
Anna Wolleb  
Hilde Kat. Eriksen


Travel to Tromsø

By air
Tromsø is situated at about 70 degrees north, far above the Arctic Circle. If you are travelling to Tromsø from abroad, Oslo is the hub. There are several daily flights from Oslo to Tromsø. The flight time is 1 h. 50 min. Tromsø's airport code is TOS.

Major airlines connecting U.S./Canada and Norway are SAS, KLM, Lufthansa, Icelandair, Air France and Air Canada. From Europe, there are flights to Oslo from various airports including London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Reykjavik, Milan, Madrid, Prague, Riga, Warsaw, Budapest, and Vienna.

Tromsø International Airport is situated 5 km (1 km = 0.6 miles) from the town centre. There are flights from Tromsø to all major cities and towns in Norway, including Spitsbergen, as well as international flights according to season.

You can book domestic flights through the airlines Norwegian Air Shuttle (NAS) or Scandinavian Airlines (SAS).

NB: For transfers from abroad: Note that Norwegian is a "point to point" airline company and generally takes no responsibility for you to get on to your connecting flight. 

By car to Tromsø
For driving directions, check Google maps.

By boat to Tromsø
Hurtigruten - The Coastal Express - is considered to be one of the world's most beautiful voyages, and it is an excellent way of travelling to Tromsø - if you have time and money. The Hurtigruten sails from Bergen (northbound) and Kirkenes (southbound) every day. Check Hurtigruten for more information. 

By bus to Tromsø
Express buses connect Tromsø with major cities in Northern Norway, especially Narvik (appr. 4 hours). For schedules, check NorWay Bus Express

By train to Tromsø
There is no railway to Tromsø. If you would like to travel by train, you have to go from Sweden (Stockholm) to Narvik (23 hrs) in Northern Norway, and then by bus from Narvik to Tromsø (4 hrs).