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Opprettet: 09.12.19 12:38
Sist oppdatert: 09.12.19 13:12

We are Climate Students international, a sub-group to Climate Students which is a Swedish student organisation that is helping our universities to reduce their emissions in line with their own science. In Sweden, the movements' main goal is to get the universities to reduce total emissions by 16% each year for the next four years (2019-2022) and to have disposed of them entirely by 2030.

Our purpose in Climate Students International is to spread the movement and message internationally and help students in other countries to start up their own Climate Student groups at their universities. We see the wave of students’ initiatives with similar purposes as an opportunity to mobilize and help each other instead of segmenting a force with the same goal - to reduce the emissions.

For more information about us go see our website (link below).




Best regards,

Caronline Sandberg, Magdalena Lindgren, Elin Sterner
Steering Committee of Climate Students International

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