Funds for digitalisation

Frist: 19.02.2021
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Ansvarlig: Aase Tveito
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Announcement of funds for digitalisation

Do you have an idea for a good digitalisation project? Then it's time to apply for funding.

The Digitalisation Council has adopted an action plan for digitalisation, and is announcing a total of NOK 2.7 MNOK for digitalisation projects that satisfy the following requirements:

1)      They are clearly anchored in one or more of the strategies that govern the action plan

2)      They are well rooted in one or more academic environments at UiT.

3)      They support research, teaching, innovation or dissemination

4)      The projects must fit into one of the two categories:

  1. Testing of solutions for better teaching or research in small pilot projects. These projects will aim to find out if a tool or a way of working contributes to more learning or better research.
  2. Upscaling of solutions that have been tried out in one or more places in the organization with good results. These projects should be anchored in at least two professional environments.

Projects aimed at purely administrative solutions are not supported by these funds. Projects aimed at research, teaching, innovation or dissemination, but which are not about digitalisation will not be considered either.

Requirements for the applications

The application may be brief, but it must describe how the project will contribute to the improvement or efficiency of research, innovation, teaching and / or dissemination, and what strategic goals the measure will support.

For experimental testing of pilots, it should be described whether the solution can be relevant for other thematic fields than that of the applicants. For upscaling projects, it must be described how the transition to normal operation will take place, and who will take over responsibility for maintenance and operating costs (licenses and the like).

Both direct costs and personnel costs are eligible for funding. It is positive if the project has additional funding from the applicants’ unit(s), but this is not a requirement.

Project size and scope of application

There are no limits other than that of the total sum announced to the project scope. The money allocated may be spent over several years, but all the support from the Digitalisation Council will be awarded this year. The council is not able to make decisions on next years’ budget.

All employees at UiT can apply for funding. The immediate supervisor must be informed and approve that the application is written.

The application is sent as a pdf file to, or entered directly into ePhorte on case 2021/371. The application deadline is 19/2 2021. Questions should be directed to the Secretary of the Digitalisation Council, Aase Tveito (


Gøril Heitmann

Leader, Digitalisation Council

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