CodeRefinery workshop (learn about Git, GitHub, testing, documenting, organizing, and sharing research code)

In this 6 half-day course, you will become familiar with tools and best practices for scientific software development: Git, GitHub, testing, documentation, reproducible workflows, modular code development, software licensing, FAIR software.

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You can join as learner, as exercise lead, or as a team and learn about Git,
GitHub, software testing, documentation, Jupyter notebooks, tools for
reproducible research software development, software licensing, and modular
coding, and many tips and tricks.

CodeRefinery workshops are informal and interactive events with type-along
lessons, live coding, and exercises. Learners are divided into exercise teams
for interactivity.

If you have previously attended a CodeRefinery workshop, and/or used some of
the tools and methods covered in a workshop, then please join as exercise lead!
It is fun helping others, it expands your network, develops your teaching and
mentoring skills, and is great learning. Expert helpers will be there to
support and help out exercise leads.

To be able to accommodate as many learners as possible we particularly
encourage team registrations and we hope we can convince you to join as
exercise lead.

Starts: 10. May 2021 at 08.50
Ends: 20. May 2021 at 12.30
Where: Zoom/ Twitch
Location / Campus: Digital
Target group: Students, Employees
Contact: Radovan Bast
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